The Lion’s Gate The Butterfly and my Father and Me


HI There World !
This is my very first blog and I feel the only way I could write this ,is as if I would be talking to a friend .
I wish to dedicate my first blog to my Father , who passed over on the 28th of August 2011. And to my beautiful children who encouraged me to do my real work , on this Earth plane , that I really came here to do ! To my great-nephew Sami too , who helped me set up my theme on my site, while patiently showing me how it all works !

Today is my Birthday 8th of August , but not my real birthday , its my official birthday ! It’s the birthday my father gave me by mistake , when we were leaving Cyprus to come to England in 1967 . They had lost my birth certificate and had to get a new one , so instead of him saying 8,4,1961 ( which adds up to the number 11) , he said 8,8,1961( which adds up to the number 33)!
But was it really a mistake , or was it meant to be ! Does our lives just happen , or is it all designed and encoded to hold the frequencies , in the letters of our names and the numbers in our date of birth . By US before we come down to this earth frequency of duality ,to experience , learn and grow as a soul awakening to our Truth on this Earth plane !

Up to the present moment , I have had an ordinary life with Extraordinary experiences ! Remembering back , approximately to the age of two ~three , I had an amazing childhood In Cyprus . My father worked in the RAF , way before I was born . He was a head chef there and he also did many other things , like fixing aeroplanes , carpentry ,building and Police guard .Yes he was a Jack of all trades ! Lol !


But before my parents had me ( I’m the youngest out of five ) My father had to go to Egypt for three years , with the RAF . While he was there, no one was allowed out of the premises . But not my father , he was a joker and entertained everyone with his adventurous and funny stories . Everyone loved and respected him , because like a Lion he could be playful , but if you pissed him off , well you got a ROAR ! Lol :))

Anyway the locals took a liking to him and used to sneak him out , they would invite him to dinner at their houses and take him on site seeing expeditions . They took him to the Great Pyramid in Giza , on a couple of his trips . This was in the 1950’s , can you imagine how much more magical it must have been then , going in the desert on camel to the Pyramids . now there is very little desert left around them !

I feel that when my father went in the centre of the great Pyramid , the frequencies of light upgraded his DNA . so when he came back and my parents eventually had me , I feel is probably the reason why I stayed awake and had a knowing of all the powers WE were all created with . Using most of my abilities, throughout most my life ( which will be many other stories to share lol ) But when I was little I couldn’t understand why everyone was going about their lives Sleeping ! i remember thinking why don’t they know , why are they just running and worrying after empty things . Didn’t they know they could create , what they wanted in their lives , manipulate weather and Time !

Because I felt so sad and confused of why I was here on this Earth . i used to cry every night while I talked to God , that I didn’t want to be here anymore then I had to , and whatever it was that I had to do ,for me to do it quickly and go back home ! well I ended up creating all sorts of exits ( like drowning and passing over ,being hit by a car in a bad way , car accidents ext . ( but those will be other sharing’s lol ) . I also had many spiritual experiences as their called . For me it was just being me on another level of existence’s , sometimes in sleep and sometimes awake, but being conscious and asking questions . Not that they ever gave me any answers or explanations , I had to work it out for myself when the time came , even if it took forty odd years on some of them!


One particular experience was when I was about nine years old , I found myself in what looked like a beautiful Desert , but not like on this earth plane . On the high frequency levels the colours the textures , everything is so serial and forget about 3D its like 20D lol ! I   was walking along in this Desert , trying to figure out where I was . when in the distance I saw a huge gateway , it was Gold with what looked like beautiful carvings on it . But it was just like a frame of a door without a door on it , but a giant one . As I walked closer I could see a man standing like a guard would , on the right side of the gateway . Getting closer I was surprised to see it was my father and noticed he had smudges of gold on his hands , like you would have if you were doing painting . I said Dad what are you doing here and he said ,” I have made this for you my daughter , and when the time comes you have to pass THROUGH it “. So then I just walked through the Gateway and found myself back here.

Up until 2011, just before my father passed , I just could not figure out what that experience meant . I knew that when my father passed it was the time I had to start my work properly , full on and not hiding behind my normal job . It was very frightening for me , coming out into the big wild world ,  speaking my Truth . I used to make my myself quite ill knowing it was getting closer ( that’s why it took me so long to write anything lol ) My father was very ill at that time , so I put all my focus on him . whenever I called him to see how he was , he always used to do a big roar like a Lion and say ” I’m as strong as a Lion” . So I had bought him a small soft Lion , while he was at the hospital and he would put it at the end of his bed and frighten the nurses .

At around the same time , I was being made redundant from my Airport job ( If you don’t leave on your own accord , God will give you a kick up the backside if you gave him certain promises and was reluctant to do it !!! lol ) This is the time that I started seeing Butterflies everywhere , real ones floating around me every time I went outside and even landing on my hands and not bugging . On every single card flowers and presents I received for my leaving do , had butterflies on them . So I started asking a lot of questions and got some answers back , making me relies why I experienced many other things and how all the pieces of the puzzle were coming together ,to put us on an accelerated influx , of Light and Information . Which would Upgrade our DNA too much higher frequencies , so that it would awaken us to our Powers and abilities , just like the Butterflies ! but that’s another blog too ! lol :))

freedom lion

A short while after my father passed , I had another one of my experiences . I was in the universe waiting for something or someone . When a huge Lion appeared , I was not frightened at all . It came up to me and put its paws around my shoulders , stroking its head on my cheeks and Loving me , like the All Encompassing Unconditional Loving Light Love of God ! Without a doubt I knew it was my Father !

In the hope that sharing these experiences will help someone out there , who may be reading this blog , understand how important the synchronicities in our lives are and how we all are an important part of this whole plan , in bringing humanity to ascension !

love and Gratitude to All

Selma Ozkaptan

5 thoughts on “The Lion’s Gate The Butterfly and my Father and Me

  1. Absolutely Loved reading your blog. Experiencing a lot of accelerations myself recently, infact your blog kind of answered a few things I put out there….pls keep it going, so many people experience so much but aren’t able to make sense or piece together the messages/synchronisities, equally are also afraid of being thought of as crazy. How can I get your regular blogs? Thank you again x

  2. Thankyou for sharing. I was able to visit the great pyramid when I was conscripted to serve in the RAMC 1950 -1952.
    I wish you luck with your website.
    I had a technician friend start mine:”The Divine Herecies”. It is different from most reflecting my unusual history. It lacks the polish of more experienced bloggers, so it may seem primitive in comparison. Have look anyway for the challenge it presents, “Truth is Indeed Stranger Than Fiction” .

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